Quality. Innovation. Sustainability.

Woodtech is a leading manufacture and exporter of tropical wood furniture based in Gresik, East Indonesia. Our furniture are produced by local artisans from Gresik and surrounding areas, utilizing only the highest quality materials sourced from Indonesia.

We are dedicated to the exacting quality of our products and sustainability of our source materials. Our artisans handmake the furniture to last generations, melding traditional carpentry skills with high quality tropical hardwood. We obtain our wood from legaly certified sources to ascertain the longevity of its supply.

Woodtech has almost three decades of operational experience, having been established in 1991.

We have a wide range of products and are open to custom orders or designs, requiring tropical wood, aluminium, wicker etc.

Woodtech will continue to make beautiful hardwood furniture built for generations.


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PT. Woodtech Chendramas
Semeru 57, Driyorejo, Surabaya, 61177
East Java, Indonesia