About Us

Woodtech is a leading wood furniture manufacturer based in Indonesia.

Established since 1991 under a brand name of PT. Woodtech Cendramas, for more than 2 decades we have served Australia, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom and New Zealand market by bringing only the highest quality product to fit the customers’ needs.

Woodtech specialize in custom furniture. We are capable of manufacturing furnitures of any size work.

In terms of material, we mainly use some of the highest quality woods, for example: iron wood (intsia bijuga), bilai batu / bugis wood (koordersiodendron pinnatum), red meranti wood (shorea leprosula miq) and pine wood(pinus merkusii). Nevertheless, we will still maintain capabilities to process other materials.

What are you waiting for? Contact us right now, we will add a glamorous ambience at your place.

The origin of Woodtech name comes from 2 elements. “Wood” with brown color which contains natural viagra vs aspirin element and “Tech” with green color represents technology. This logo is intended to canada pharmacy represent Woodtech as a technologically advanced company with eco-friendly principles.

The unlimited symbol, “∞”. Indicate that our company has an unlimited capabilities (raw material, human resources, and machine productivity) to deliver an UNLIMITED PRODUCT with consistent quality. The unity of “dt” letter, symbolize a tree.

The “dt” letter reflect each other which creates a sense of balance on nature and technological progress.